Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer implants? We do not offer implants but we restore them once they are placed by the oral surgeon or periodontist
2. Do you offer Cosmetic Dentistry? Yes! We do all cosmetic procedures, view more on Cosmetic Dentistry.
3. Will it hurt? Generally speaking, most procedures we do are pain free. We make every effort to produce quality dentistry in a pleasant setting with patient comfort at the top of our list.
4. How much will it cost? Make no mistake, quality dentistry can be expensive. We set our fees at the 75th percentile of the fees in our zip code. We think this is more than fair for the services we provide. We have a fee schedule for every procedure and we are happy to discuss the cost of your treatment up front.
5. Do you treat children? We have the best deal anywhere for children! View our Children's Program page to find out more.
6. Do you take new patients? Yes! Call our office for an appointment. 803-432-4202
7. Do you accept insurance? During a year we work with more than 600 dental assistance plans. They are all different - Some pay everything and some pay very little. Your insurance benefit is important to you and we work dilligently for you to receive all the compensation you deserve. We don't promise the insurance company to accept consignment, but other things may be more important: Who will be delivering the service? Is the team efficent, well trained, and experienced? Is the team patient centered or profit centered? Have you read the other items on our web page describing our office? Please consider coming by and meeting our team and discussing your concerns.