Assistance Plans

Each year, we work with around 1000 different dental assistance plans and all are different. Please, read your plan information so you will know what your benefits are. If there are questions, please call our office or come by and discuss them with our staff member in charge of assistance plans. If you are a new patient your may want to bring your plan with you so we will have the important dates and limitations of the plan.

Here are some facts about dental assistance plans. Suppose in 1970 you had a plan with a $1000.00 maximum per year. Quite possibly that plan still has a $1000.00 limit. Considering the effect of inflation, your $1000.00 benefit is worth about $200.00 in today's dollars. Had the various companies increased their benefits reflecting increases for inflation, your yearly maximum would be about $4000.00.

We ask that you understand that we do not work for any insurance company. We work 100% for you. We want to help you maximize your benefits and provided the best care for you without interference from the insurance companies. We do not accept consignment from any insurance company and our fees are the same for everyone with the exception of Medicaid and charity cases.

We believe that a cooperative effort between you and our office will result in a dental service that we are proud to render and you are proud to receive. We want to meet your needs in a way that adds significant value to your life