Children's Program

Every year in conjunction with Dental Health Month, several of our staff members visit schools and kindergartens and present an educational, entertaining puppet show which encourages children to practice good oral hygiene and nutrition.

It shows Ruthie Toothie, Mr. Plaque, Tommy Toothbrush, Smiley the Clown and others. This is just one of the public services we provide.


As you know, children are special people. We do everything we can to make every visit stress free and fun for them. At the same time we want it to be educational and constructive.

We usually like to begin seeing them when they are two, just to look and make sure things are developing properly. We like to begin treating them when they are three. The first visit is often just a play visit where we familiarize them with our office personnel and the items we use to clean their teeth. If they will allow, we will clean his/her teeth at that first appointment.

We like to see our young patients, ages 3-11, four times a year. Two of these visits will be free. The two paid visits are visits with a hygienist. The two free visits are usually with an assistant but possibly the hygienist or the doctor. We think four times a year is important to help the young patient feel comfortable in a dental setting, to find lesions when they are small, and to clean and apply fluoride to prevent decay. We educate at each of these visits and our hope is that by age 11 your young patient will be proficient at dental hygiene. Until that time, please help your young patient every day-not only with his/her hygiene but also with a diet low in sugar.

Note: If an appointment for a free visit is broken, that appointment is not rescheduled. The next appointment will be a paid appointment in 3 months