Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty. All general dentists do cosmetic dentistry to some degree. Some dentists market themselves as specialists in cosmetic dentistry suggesting that they are superior to other general dentists. This is misleading.

Cosmetic dentistry could be something as simple as one filling or as complicated as a full mouth reconstruction. The following are some examples of cosmetic cases we have done.

A. A simple filling - This shows replacing old leaking fillings with tooth colored composite filling material.


B. Bleaching For many instances this can be the most dramatic, least expensive cosmetic procedure we do. It literally can change someone's personality. We are often asked if we do one-step in-office bleaching - no we don't. Even if this is done one still has to continue at home with tray-gel bleaching. All studies show that there is no advantage to in-office bleaching. One dentist when asked why he continued to do more expensive in-office bleaching, when independent studies shows this is no advantage replied, "became my patients think there is." Click Here for Bleaching Information

C. Many people have missing or malformed teeth. The following shows a bonded bridge replacing, a missing incisor and also composite bonding, restoring the contours of a malformed tooth.


D. Sometimes teeth and steering wheels meet. These incisors were restored with porcelain veneers.


E. This is an example of space closing with composite bonding (patient wanted to leave a slight space between front teeth). Also an all porcelain crown was used to replace the crown on the right front tooth because of dark metal showing through at the gum and the porcelain was darker after bleaching.


F. Sometimes reshaping teeth can make enough difference so that more extensive treatment is not necessary.


G. Implants - Implants are one of the great stories in modern dentistry. They are basically specially coated metal posts that are placed where tooth roots would normally be. To these are attached crowns or some types of removable appliance. We don't place the implants, a surgeon does that and then we place the crown or prosthesis.

H. Full Mouth Reconstruction- Generally this refers to a badly broken down mouth that is restored to health. Technically it could be only a few procedures that return the mouth to health.


I. Invisalign - This is another marvel of modern dentistry. This is a method to straighten teeth without metal braces. It is intended primarily for people 18 years old and up. Click Here for more information about Invisalign


J. This shows several new all ceramic crowns replacing old composite veneers and old fillings. Note the teeth are now straightened and more esthetically shaped.